May Newsletter

This is my birthday month and I am grateful to God for His goodness and mercy! I’m 29×2!!! Praise God! I’m believing for many, many MORE years to do His work!

April was a tremendous month of ministry for us. King Television (reaching 182 nations), Precious Television (covering most of Africa), and a remote village meeting in Pakistan have all been great doors of opportunity for the gospel to go forth in power and might. Listen to what happened in our remote village meeting:

  • 183 people were saved!
  • A woman with a tumor in her back testified that the tumor disappeared during our ministry time!
  • A woman brought her son, whose legs were uneven so he walked with a limp, and God healed him. He got up and began to walk normally!
  • A man who was addicted to alcohol gave his life to the Lord and was set free from addiction!
  • A woman with a vexing spirit was delivered!
  • We received 109 testimonies of healing in all from this one event!

We also thank God that while I was on King Television, the network received 20,000 emails as the Word went forth. The Word never returns void — you have to remember that! Speak the Word over your life and over your family. Declare it! There’s power in the Word of God!

Another bit of exciting news is that we were able to join another international network called the African Broadcasting Network, based in Nigeria, Africa. I had the privilege of being the first guest on a brand-new show called “Soul Connect.” God is opening doors to the nations, and I am so humbled and grateful for every opportunity to speak the name of Jesus over the internet and airwaves. What a wonderful name! May we never never forget its saving and healing power.


Mothers’ Day Word

May is the month for mothers! As I was preparing for our Mother’s Day service, God gave me a message birthed out of the story of Naomi and Ruth. In life there are two different anointings: one of depositing and one of withdrawing.

First, as mature women of God, it is our responsibility to deposit the Word of God into the younger generation. We must be the examples in word and in deed. We must be in a position that others will want to follow us. The Word commands the older to train the younger.

Second, as younger women, you must be in a position to withdraw from the older women. Paul said, “follow me as I follow Christ.” He commissioned the younger to follow those who were seasoned in the Lord. This means you must have a teachable spirit and be willing to learn, glean and be mentored in the ways of the Lord.

Naomi was a depositer and Ruth was a withdrawer. Because Ruth chose wisely, God blessed her with a good husband. Ruth married into the lineage of Jesus! Lesson learned: if you do the right things, say the right things and follow the right things, God will GIVE you the right things!

June Support

In June, we’ll be sending support to a ministry located in Machakos, Kenya, near the capitol city of Nairobi. Pastor Roseline Nzomo is the Senior Pastor of this ministry, Vessels of God Ministries, which was founded in 2009. Pastor Roseline is active in her community by helping orphans and feeding the needy. This is a difficult time for nations like Kenya, and the need for assistance is great. Will you help me bless her this month by sowing your best financial seed into SMM? By blessing her ministry, you are directly caring for the orphan and feeding those who are hungry. This is what God tells us to do! Let’s have open hands and let His provision flow through us to those who cannot provide for themselves.

Visit the GIVE page to make support SMM.