July Newsletter

We have come through June with a bang and are headed into July. I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but here it is H O T!! Regardless, I love the long days and warmer weather.

As I sat on the beach during our recent vacation, all I could think was about the goodness and vastness of God. To create such beauty is breathtaking! We should remember to take time to call our Lord “Creator.” We should remember that just like a beautiful sunset, we are the workmanship of His hands, we are His masterpiece!

When I look at the beauty of nature, it makes me realize that EVERY day we should be thankful for His blessings. It’s easy to get caught up in the frustrations of life and begin to complain. Life can be overwhelming and discouraging at times. But God gives us a command to look unto HIM, our very present help in times of need. HE will deliver us, HE will pick us up, HE will keep us from falling!

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to see the negative in a situation, but God tells us to focus on the positive, His Word. His promises are YES and AMEN. He IS our Healer. He IS our Deliverer. He IS our Hope! When you begin to call Him what He is, you will stir yourself up in the Lord. So start today and watch your circumstances begin to change!


June Update

Sharon Motley Ministries has been busy all month with the Morning Manna program and reaching the nations.

Pakistan Village Report: Praise God! 124 souls gave their life to Jesus in our recent village meeting! Healings and miracles also took place. One child who had bleeding issues was healed! A woman who had a tumor in her back was miraculously healed! A man had jaundice, and God turned it around! He went to the hospital for testing and received an “all clear” report. Praise God!!! All in all, there were 82 manifestations of God’s power in that meeting. Somebody give GOD a praise!!!

June 19th – Our Metamorphosis Conference was a tremendous success. Lives were transformed by the power of God.

June 27th – We preached on the Jesus Broadcasting Network reaching Central and South America. As always, they reported jammed phone lines as we preach the gospel. Praise the Lord!

June 29th – We’re excited to have hosted a program on the King Television Network with special guests: Apostle Janice Thomas and Pastor Val Scarborough. The Manifestation of Miracles teaching always produces the miracles of God. Praise reports to come!