August Newsletter

July has been a busy, crazy, exciting month of AWESOMENESS! We have ministered to nations across Africa and in Pakistan and the United States. We have seen miracles, healings and salvation. Our cup is full of the goodness of God! Thank you for your faithful support of Sharon Motley Ministries. We are here to reach all nations! And we’re able to do this because of partners like you!

Manifestation of Miracles

We are in a season of miracles. God has been speaking to me that it’s time for the body of Christ to rise up and show forth the miracles of God. God is WANTING to use His children to manifest miracles for the world to see. Do you understand that?

Recently, I was talking with Marilyn Hickey, a wonderful friend, minister and evangelist, and she stated that one of the easiest ways to get into a foreign country and draw people into a meeting is to tell them, “Come get your healing!” She said that it’s easy to get people to come when they know they are going to receive their miracle.

Jesus commanded us in Mark 16:18 to lay hands on the sick and they SHALL recover. SHALL doesn’t mean maybe. SHALL doesn’t mean we hope so. SHALL means, according to Webster’s Dictionary, “something that is inevitable.” So when Jesus says they SHALL recover, He means THEY SHALL RECOVER!!! Today, I want you to get up, go find someone who needs a miracle, begin to pray for them in the name of Jesus, and watch God work according to His Word!!!

The Word of God Is Power!

You’ve been faithful to give, and I’m asking you to pray about giving again. Whatever financial seed you sow this month is going to go directly into purchasing Bibles for the men and women in Pakistan who dedicate their lives to Christ in our village meetings. We are empowering them with the powerful Word of God. With this Bible, they’ll be able to learn about who God is, what Jesus has done for them, and how they can live holy and righteous lives. And they can share that new knowledge with their friends and family! Give today. Give someone the Word that will hold them through every trouble and affliction.


June Update

Pakistan Village Report from July:

– 117 gave their lives to Jesus
– One woman was bowed over for 11 years straightened up by the power of God
– One woman had a bleeding issue and was healed
– One person had a tumor disappear
– 89 miracles took place

Thank you for giving toward the purchase of Bibles for the people of Pakistan. We are putting God’s Word in the hands of those who were Muslims but are now identified as Christians just like you and me!!!!