September Newsletter

Living What You Want to Be

Sometimes, because of our doubts and fears, it seems as if our desires have gone to the wind. Our hopes are on edge. We’re waiting to be whoever we’re designed to be, as if we have to go through some metamorphoses before we arrive. But the truth of the matter is you are already who He says you are!

Remember when you doubted yourself and you felt so tired, so worn out from living? Amid the chaos, we should always consider God’s consistent positivity about us and goodness toward us. We can say like the psalmist in Psalm 27:13, “I would have lost heart, unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

Believe that you are in the land of the living. If you feel like death today, remember that Godmade the land of the living for you. You are not sick but already healed. You are not weak, but you are able. The power of God can heal you, and you will regain energy.

Accept that God has provided every one of your needs. Philippians 4:19 tells us that everything we have need of, a job or a healing, God will supply. With our faith, we are victorious. We are! Our merciful Christ has already given us all we need to succeed!

Participate in the process of receiving God’s promises. In Romans 4:17-21, we see that Abraham believed God that his old body and his wife’s old body could conceive the child he desired. He accepted God’s promise of the child and participated in the process. He renewed his mind to believe!

Live with God’s promises to you day and night. Breathe them, drink them, and eat them like Abraham did. He didn’t question God, and it was counted as righteousness toward him. He never believed that he was too old to father a son, nor Sarah too old to bear a child, but instead he lived by God’s promise.

For you to have that same type of faith, patience and perseverance, you need to consider the three voices that speak to you: the head voice, the outside voice, and the kingdom voice. You can visualize the nature of these voices in a work setting.

Imagine you find out you’re laid off.  The head voice is the voice within yourself that echoes panic and tries to figure out what you are going to do about it. It makes you tired just listening to the frenzy inside! The outside voice is like your officemate. They tell you not to worry; just go home and sleep on it. Something will work out, right? And the kingdom voice is the one that says, “God shall supply all your needs. Fear not! Don’t worry about anything!”

Thank God that even if a door closes on us, He’s there to open more doors of opportunity and growth for us. In Him there is always a new season to begin and an opportunity to be a better servant.

You must make the kingdom voice your voice. One benefit of holding onto God’s promise is that it gives us a faith-boost. The thought that God has already provided us life and that He has the best plans for us, to prosper us, will keep us going strong!

Everything that you need is in God’s kingdom. But to be able to reach His kingdom, we must clean our hearts, change our infectious minds, and get rid of our contagious speaking. By this I mean that you have to stop and judge your words before they leave the tip of your tongue. Think before you speak or act! As you do, you’ll grow in confidence that God has a perfect plan for your life. You already have His blessings; you just need to participate in the process to receive them.

This month we have the awesome privilege of ministering again in a remote village in the nation of Pakistan. As you know by now, Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim nation, and many villages throughout it have never heard of Jesus or heard one word from the Bible. Isn’t that mind-boggling?! What an opportunity we have!

I want to encourage you to sow a seed today to help us purchase Bibles for new believers in Pakistan. We’re able to put a Bible in their native language in each hand for just $5. That means that your $50 donation is providing 10 Bibles! Please consider giving today. And don’t forget to stop by our Facebook page to see photos from Pakistan from each of our village meetings. Nothing brings the truth of what we do home better than seeing with our very own eyes the people we’re sharing Jesus with – together!

Receive God’s abundance. It’s coming to you. It doesn’t matter what your current situation says. You are victorious. God won, and you’re on His team! Rejoice in the Lord!


August Update

Pakistan Village Report from July:

– 129 souls saved
– One girl with an issue in her nose felt like it was swelling, and she was healed and gave her testimony after the event.
– One woman with a broken leg was healed and now walks properly.
– One man who was experiencing pain for more than two months in half of his head was healed.
– Over 84 other testimonies were received of different body pains and problems being healed!