December Newsletter

There are some events in your life that will be life changing. November 5th through 11th I experienced one of those events. It was on a missions trip in South Africa and Zambia.

During this trip, we partnered with a ministry called Reaching a Generation and its founder, Jacques von Bommel. On our journey, we visited girls homes established by this ministry. The girls they care for were delivered from child sex trafficking. They were to be purchased as child brides for older men — but then this ministry stepped in and rescued them! Reaching a Generation buys these girls, then provides a home for them and teaches them a trade so that they can become self-supporting adults. By the time they are released, they don’t have to be afraid of becoming a 13-year-old wife to a 73-year-old man. Joyce Meyer Ministries supports Reaching a Generation, and now Sharon Motley Ministries has decided to support them as well!

We also visited several elementary schools where this Reaching a Generation provides free lunch every day. For some of these children, it is the ONLY meal they will get for the day. The children were excited to meet us, and hundreds of them raised their hands to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior at the close of our time in ministry. That in and of itself was life changing!

I preached a message called, “Thanks LIVING.” So many times as Americans, we take for granted all of our privileges. We become ungrateful and unthankful even though we have no reason to! The Word says that in the last days, perilous times will come. People will be lovers of themselves, disobedient to parents and …unthankful. I have to admit, we are definitely in THOSE times.

We have people suing over spilled hot coffee, over the government not coming to our aid “soon enough.” I believe everyone should go to a third world country at least once in their lifetime. We all need to see and experience how others have to live in lack and with general needs going unmet. We went without electricity for 12 hours at a time many days in Africa. It was common to find no clean drinking water, no proper functioning toilets, and families living in mud huts. When I came back into America, the man in customs said, “Welcome home,” and thankfulness rose up in my heart. I was indeed THANKFUL to be home!

During this Thanksgiving season, I want to encourage you to notice the little things you should be thankful for. God has been good to you. God has blessed you. So today, find someone that YOU can bless.

I read a report on the internet that said that many impoverished families around the globe make just $1.90 a day. Wow, wow, wow! That’s incomprehensible! What would you do if that’s all the money you had for today? What if you had to decide if YOU ate or your CHILD ate today? But this is how most of the world lives.

There is so much need, but guess what: we can do something about it. YOU can do something about it. You can be a blessing to this ministry so that we in turn can bless others. A gift of any size will help feed a child, clothe and educate them. Will you help? No gift is too small. In fact, it’s just the right size for God’s purposes. He never asked you to give more than you have; He asked you to give what was in your hands, what’s in your power to give. When we obey in this way, His will is accomplished in the earth and in our lives.

Give what you can today. Know that God will make it “enough.” Thank you in advance for your generosity toward us and toward the children we will now be helping to care for through Reaching a Generation.