March Newsletter

Close the Door

Growing up, my grandma would often say, “Somebody close the door, please!” Why? Maybe several reasons: the open door was letting the flies in, letting the heat or AC out, or she didn’t want the baby to go out the door unattended. Whatever the case, her command was to CLOSE THE DOOR. Those same words can be heard from Almighty God throughout Scripture. He asks us to close the door to the past, to hurts, to failures, to those things that draw us away from Him. Until we close the door, we are leaving our lives open to pain, grief and sorrow.

Today I want to give you a few steps on how to close the doors that need to be closed – and ensure they stay closed!

  1. Forgive those who have done you wrong. This is a big one. It’s not easy to forgive. People who have betrayed you do not deserved to be forgiven. You know, forgiving other doesn’t mean they were right or that what they did was okay to do.; we forgive them because it’s the right thing to do. We forgive because we are forgiving people, like our Father. Some hurts are so deep it may take a while to build up the faith to forgive. But the key is to start today. You may have to say it a thousand times, “I forgive this person,” and you may not feel like it or you may feel like what you’re saying isn’t honest, but you have to start somewhere. Forgiveness is a conscious decision, not one based on your feelings – because feelings don’t ever want to forgive!
  2. Stop talking about it. When we constantly talk about a hurt, we are rehashing and ruminating on all that has happened to us. You can’t start the forgiving process or the healing process while you’re talking about the wound. Some people like to talk about their problems to gain sympathy. Don’t let that be you! Talking about it give it new life, so let’s do the opposite and not talk about it! That’s when the issue will die and we will put it to rest.
  3. Pray in the Spirit. Romans 8:26 says that we don’t know how to pray as we should, so the Holy Spirit can pray through us. The best way to kill a hurt is to pray in the spirit over the situation. The Holy Spirit knows how to go into the depths of your heart and bring healing. Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience healing in your broken places with you doing nothing more than praying in the spirit? It can happen! God doesn’t need you to fix your own problems; He needs you to submit to His orders as the Great Physician so that He can bring the healing to you.
  4. Pray for that person. This is one of the hardest things in life to do. Why? Because someone hurt you. They caused a wound, and that wound is real! But one of the quickest healing methods is to pray for those who hurt you. It will be hard at first, but press in and watch God change your attitude and heart. When you pray for the person who did you wrong, you invite God into the situation to make even what was meant to work against you, work for you, in Jesus’ name.

These are basic steps, but God may give you more specific instructions as you pray and seek His will. He might tell you to call them or talk to someone who can give you more wisdom and insight on the matter. The key is to do what God tells you to do. I want to see you free, happy, joyful and walking in the abundant life that God has set before you. But that can only happen when you guard your doors and keep them closed so that the enemy cannot come in and create chaos and havoc in your life. So CLOSE THE DOOR! It’s a decision you’ll never regret making.