April Newsletter

It’s Time To Arise

I see a church that is slowly dying. We, as a church, have become so concerned about what people think that we have compromised the gospel. We’re afraid that people will be offended by our shout, our praise or our speaking in tongues. And truly, we are not trying to run people away with these expressions, but we cannot be ashamed of the power of the Holy Spirit.

God is looking for people ready and willing to be used by Him, to display the manifestation of His glory. He’s looking for those who will stand up and say, “Use me!”

In my experience, most miracles are unusual, uncommon and hard to explain. Years ago, we had a guy who was addicted to drugs visit our church. He came to the altar for prayer because he wanted deliverance; he wanted to be free. One of our leaders said, “God told me that if you would spit right here on the carpet, God would set you free.” I stood there thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding! He’s going to SPIT on our carpet?!” But what man calls “weird, strange or unusual,” God calls miraculous. That very night, this young man was set free from drugs. Years later, he called me to thank me for what God did that night in his life. Praise God! I’m grateful for a man of God who was bold and didn’t care about being strange. And I’m grateful for this young man who obeyed the unusual instruction.

I hope you will dare to be different. Don’t worry about what others say. Just do the work of the kingdom. Today, it’s time to arise!