May Newsletter

A Woman with No Name

As we celebrate mothers this month, it’s common for church sermons to focus on women of the Bible. We may hear messages this month about Mary, the mother of Jesus, or we may hear messages about Ruth or Esther. But did you know that the Bible is full of women with no name, no identity? There are women who have made a tremendous impact, but not one time was their name mentioned. We find “the WOMAN” with the issue of blood in Mark 5. We find “the Syrophoenician WOMAN” whose daughter had a devil in Mark 7. John 4 tells the story of “the WOMAN” at the well. Matthew 26 tells of “a WOMAN with an alabaster box” who came to Jesus. It almost makes you feel that these women weren’t worth stating their names. But did their names even matter? These women were identified by their issues or acts. Even though we do not know their names, God knows.

With each one of these nameless women, God knew that their actions would change the world. God knew that their miracles would be recorded for generations to come. God knew they would make a major impact! But the enemy tries to tell us, “Nobody knows YOUR name either. Nobody cares about you!” That is NOT the truth.

More important than people knowing our names, God knows who we are. He has called us specifically to do something, and He has anointed us to fulfill His mission. This is more important than whether people on this earth know our names.

There is a story in Judges 4 about the leader of the Israelite army, a man named Barak. He told God that he would not go to battle unless the Prophetess Deborah went with him. The enemy, Sisera, wanted to see the Israelites defeated. Sisera was passing through the land when a little woman by the name of Jael encouraged him to come in and rest. She gave him warm milk and encouraged him to lay down. Then, she took a large nail and drove it through his temple. A woman who you never hear about did the impossible: she killed the leader of the enemy army! This story shows us that God uses people who have “no name” in mighty ways.

Be encouraged today! As long as GOD knows who you are, that’s all that matters!