June Newsletter

Glory Distributors!

I am so stirred by the power of God. We are in a generation that is looking for the moving of the Spirit.

People are HUNGRY.
People are SEEKING.
People are SEARCHING.
But the church has been empty.
The church has been lacking.
The church has been void of the power.
The church has failed in displaying the glory of God.

Our young people have seen the emptiness of the church and run from it. They’ve sought out the seemingly supernatural things of the world – palm readers, zodiac signs and daily horoscopes. But God has called us as Christians to be glory distributors. God has put His glory, His power, His dominion on the inside of YOU and me! All He wants you to do is release it to those around you.

There are those around you who need healing, a miracle, a turnaround, a breakthrough! God wants you to agree with them in faith, believing and knowing that He will do the work. When you do, this the miraculous power of God will be released and the answer to many prayers will be manifested!

Multitudes will be brought into the kingdom when the world sees answered prayers and miracles happening on a daily basis. So don’t wait! Start praying with people today and decree the glory of the Lord upon their lives. Be a glory distributor today!!!