July Newsletter

GO More. DO More. BE More.

Mark 16:15 is a verse we all know. It tells us to GO into all the world and preach the gospel. Is that what you’re doing? Where are you going?

Jesus called us to preach the gospel. Did you realize that makes you a preacher? No, you do not have to stand behind the pulpit like me to be a preacher. We are ALL preachers of the gospel. The word “preacher” in the Greek just means to proclaim. Everywhere you go, God has commissioned you to proclaim His gospel, His goodness, His love, and His miracle-working power.

God wants us to GO and to DO. I find it worth celebrating that Google ranks Christianity as the number one religion in the world. That’s good news! But what’s concerning is that it ranks Islam as the fastest growing religion. This should not be!

We have the gospel that sets the captive free. It’s the gospel of miracles, signs and wonders! It’s the gospel of turnaround! This is why we need to make sure that everywhere we go and everyone we meet can SEE Jesus, HEAR Jesus and ultimately KNOW Jesus! Because this gospel won’t disappoint!

How do we do that? Well, we GO, we DO, and we BE. What do I mean? We need to BE ambassadors of this life-changing gospel through our words, actions and motivations. We need to avoid hypocrisy. We need to model Jesus. We need to walk humbly with God.

If you haven’t taken the time recently, ask the Lord to show you areas in your life you need to clean up so that you can share the pure gospel with those you meet. Lives are counting on YOU to tell them about Jesus!