Consider the Word

Have you considered the Word? You consider everything else in life but have you considered the Word? You go to the doctor and he gives you a bad report. Then you start telling everyone, “I got ‘Zulu’ disease.” You consider the doctor’s report but have you considered the report of the Lord? Isaiah asks us, “Whose report will you believe?” Our response should be: “We shall believe the report of the Lord”

See, John 10:10 says, “The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus comes that we might have life”. So, are you’re considering the doctor’s report or the Lord’s report?” Now, I’m not against doctors. But you can quote everything they said, you can quote every lab report they gave you, in a five-minute span. But we should be people of the Word: we need to quote the Word, we need to consider the Word!

In Romans 4, there’s a story about Abraham. The Bible says “he considered not his body” as he was at that time 100 years old, “neither the deadness of Sarah’s womb.” You know what the doctor’s report was for Sarah? “Sarah, you’re never gonna be able to have children. Abraham, you too. It ain’t gonna happen.” But he “considered not” the doctor’s report that said his body was dead, that Sarah’s womb was dead. He did not consider the things of the world. So how do you consider the Word versus the world?

To consider means to meditate, to ponder, to contemplate. Whatever you focus your attention on, your heart will embrace. Whatever you choose not to consider will stop the process from coming to past. See, when you start to consider something, there are two avenues: the avenue of the flesh, the natural, of feelings and the avenue of the spirit, the kingdom, of righteousness, of holiness. Which avenue will you consider?

Every time a situation arises, you have to make a decision which avenue you’ll take. Example: You get laid off from your job. Your spouse leaves you. Your kids are acting crazy. God is sitting on His throne saying, “I want to bring you over here to the land of ‘consider not.’ Consider not your spouse leaving, your kids activity crazy. But HE says, “Consider My Word. Didn’t My Word say I would perform it?” Didn’t My Word say, “believe me”?

There’s a story in the Bible about three lepers who sat outside the gate. They weren’t allowed to come inside because of their leprosy. One day they started considering, “If we sit out here, we’re gonna die.” There was a famine in the land, and I have a feeling that the only food they ate was probably the scraps that were thrown over the wall. So they began to consider, “Why not go in the camp? They chose to consider something that seemed impossible and you know the story, they went into the camp and all the food, gold and silver was left there just for them! Have you considered the impossible?

There are three voices of consideration:

An outside voice. An external voice tells you you shouldn’t marry him. You shouldn’t open that business. You shouldn’t take a lesser job. Outside voices will lead you down the wrong path. Outside voices will get you out of the will of God. Outside voices are people who tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. We MUST get rid of outside voices because they NEVER consider the Word.

A head voice. This is the voice in your head that a lot of times mimicks what the outside voices are saying. “Mama said I shouldn’t. Mama said I couldn’t. Mama said…. – you know we were poor – were always gonna be poor.” Your head starts ringing with what all the outside voices have been saying to you and they are camping out in your head voice. Your head voice will never CONSIDER God’s voice.

A kingdom voice. The kingdom voice is God’s voice rising up big on the inside of you. When they come and say, “Get ready to get laid off,” your head voice will try to take over, but all of a sudden you begin to remember the Word and you say, “You know what, you can lay me off, but my God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory. You can lay me off. God’s got a better job with my name on it!” The kingdom voice is always the voice of the Father, it’s always the voice of the Word of God. The kingdom voice will be strong on the inside of you if you will continue to deposit it through your eyes and ears. The kingdom voice ALWAYS considers the Word.

So again, I ask you, What are you considering? Are you considering the Word or the world? Are you considering your circumstance or the Kingdom? Today, chose to CONSIDER the promises of God because THEY are yes and amen.